samedi 1 mars 2014

One year !

Yes that's true : one year ago I started to share my work on this blog and I have to tell that I've never imagined to keep it so long because I get bored really fast! So that's really good news! 

Thanks to this blog :
- I can see my progress and I tell that I'm proud of it!
- There are 2 videos (1 & 2) on Youtube and one article in a french newspaper about it.
- I was published once
- I had around 51 posts and 5000 visits on the blog, and 60 likes on Facebook.

And for this very speacial occasion I've decided to do a little competition. The winner will win the book that I'll publish very soon with all the strips of this blog (all in english) including 5 bonus-Friend-strips, like those I did with/for Loic, Chris, Ben, Malika! Maybe you will be the next one ! This is the cover of the book:

If you want to participate, it's very easy: You have to answer the following question and send me the answer in a private message on my facebook page. You have to share the link to this article in public mode (so that I see that you did it) and I will draw lots for the winner on the 8th March at 20:00.

When I started this blog, I used to tell stories about these three girls in Germany. But what are their names ?

Good luck !!

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